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Paper is progress

Cantarella, M. , Fraccaroli, N., & Volpe, R. ; Does language prevent policy implementation? Evidence from the Italian Start-up Act

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Refereed working papers

Cantarella, M. & Kavonius, I. K. (2022); Job polarisation and household borrowing; ECB working paper series No 2683  [Policy brief version: SUERF] [Journal publication status: R&R]

Other peer-reviewed publications

Cantarella, M. & Kavonius, I. K. (2022); Työmarkkinoiden polarisaatio ja kotitalouksien lainanotto; Kansantaloudellinen Aikakauskirja

Other working papers

Cantarella, M. (2019); #Portichiusi: the human costs of migrant deterrence in the Mediterranean; DEMB Working Paper Series N.154 [Media coverage: Avvenire]